Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Being My Own Man

Am I not my own man
secure in my own beliefs
there are those who try and enter my life
having the sole purpose of changing me

why do people let others tell them
who they are supposed to be
how they're supposed to act
and who their friends can be

somebody once said
to impersonate is the sincerest form of flattery
but should I surrender who I am
for their need to feel noticed
to feed their ego

these people are like pictures of insecurity
they've not grown into their own individualism
they've become carbon copies
of others from their past
people they consider to be their heroes
rather than becoming their own person

they now wish to be the hero of another

no, I will walk my road
there may be many different paths through life
but for me the one I'm on
is the one I must travel
it will be the influence of this road that will mold me

I've grown to really like who I've become
I think I'll continue to be my own man

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