Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hope only needs to exist

He had spent many years on the street
his life had lost direction long ago
having little to eat or drink to nourish his body
seldom having clothing suitable for the weather
as he was more often than not without shelter
the man still wore a smile
the few teeth he still had in his mouth
would show through his grin the age
and lack of care they suffered
but what you could see
in his eyes
you could not mistake for anything but
he was alive
not only in body
in spirit

Before he had found himself on the streets
his life had been one of service
it had been a time that his heart and spirit soared
helping others along through life was his passion
he had lifted many out of the gutter
giving them a hope for a better tomorrow

Now finding himself among those folks
living on those same streets
and in the same gutters life brings to many
he saw no reason not to continue
helping others

His body was breaking down

His spirit was as alive as ever

He still shared the hope of tomorrow
with those who could not find it for themselves

He knows that another
will come along
maybe tomorrow
maybe the day after
but another will come along
and lift him out of the gutter

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