Thursday, April 17, 2014

At What Cost

He grew up in a family wanting
at times with little food on the table
and often bedtime came on empty stomachs

His mother cleaning and ironing for others
his father seldom awake as he worked nights
together they barely kept a roof over their heads

Growing up, he was mostly on his own
making his way through life during the week
the kids in this neighborhood were raising themselves

He and his friends did what they could
In order to chase away the hunger they felt
To give each other a feeling of togetherness
To help each other survive life without parents

It was the worst of times

Sunday would then arrive
an actual meal would somehow be found on the table
the family was together

The bed would not find him hungry this night
not for bread
nor the love of family

Mom making sure there was enough in his belly
Dads laughter filling his heart
lifting his spirit and bringing smiles to all their faces

This was the best of times

As he grew he vowed to escape this life
never to have that empty feeling of want again
to do whatever it took, no matter the cost

His times were about to change

Once he moved on
he found that there was no-one willing to help him
he was again on his own

He learned to not only step over others
but to step on them in his attempt
to escape the past

He learned well, moved on
and left not only the old neighborhood
but his friends and family behind as well

The work seemed endless
there was no time anything else in his new life
but there was no want

The toys came
the food extravagant
but another yearning
another hunger
entered him

He wanted more

Yes his belly was full
but he was alone on Sundays now

Where was his fathers laughter

Where did the smiles and lifted spirits disappear to

How did this emptiness return

Maybe those days long ago
were not the worst of times
after all

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