Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finally Free

Thoughts of days gone by
came rushing in that morning
filling my mind with wonderful memories
as I wandered the bluffs alone

The grasses were heavy laden with dew
I found myself sitting upon the grass to watch
the sun was about to open this new day

I now understood what was meant
“this is the first day of the rest of your life”

I was not about to miss this sunrise
as I had missed so many
for so long a time

It was a prison of my own making
that had kept me away

As I sat and watched
a faint orange began to emerge
far across the sea
from beyond my imaginings

That prison I mentioned
had no walls
yet it seemed as there were many

It didn't matter the direction I turned
they always appeared only at arms length

The days seemed to meld into one another
as if they had no beginnings
nor endings

There was no laughter
nor were their tears

The days
just were

My eyes
turned back to the colorful sky
they filled with tears

My heart felt

I began to laugh

I felt
for the first time
in so many years

Why had I stayed within that shell of sorrow
how was it that a loss
could hold me for what seemed

That wonderful orange

This orange sky that I see before me

Is the same orange

As the sarong she wore that morning

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