Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Was It Really The Grass That Was Greener

Oh how he hated his place in life
each time he would gaze in the mirror
what he saw was deeply disturbing
you could only compare what he saw
to a vast and barren wasteland
the years of toil had taken their toll
just as the arid winds had turned
plains into desert

It was more than age that showed
depression was written over his face
an emptiness was plain to see

As he plodded along through life
he would often come upon others
meeting them during these wanderings
so many wore smiles
they appeared happy
they seemed to be filled with vitality

They were alive

“Oh to be as they”
he thought

To live the life of others was his wish
all of them had it better than he did
the grass on his side of the fence had no life
while theirs was a beautiful plush green

He would often be heard complaining
that life itself was totally fair

Finally he decided to make the move
he would live on the other side of the fence
where the grass was green
but as he did
the grass began to turn brown
then died and the winds swept it away

If only he had watered his life

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