Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Why in the hell do I even try
society's gone over the edge

Respect for others a thing of the past
their words being used as a wedge

Where have we gone
what have we done

Did the birth of this madness
come from that age, “just for fun”

Attitudes are ugly
with the thought “yeah, it's cool”

Yet all that this is
is the mark of a fool

The hurt that this causes
can go beyond measure

I can't comprehend
how they see this as pleasure

This ugliness has spread
throughout all the land

Is there no turning back
or is this man's permanent new brand

I really do hate
seeing the world in decline

Can we somehow return to when
men's respect once did shine

It's not really that hard
if you'll try what you'll find

It's actually pleasant to be
respectful and kind

Men once showed respect
and it came from their heart

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