Sunday, June 8, 2014

Really, What's In A Name

Seven oceans have different names but contain the same water. ~ Matloob Bokhari ~

Some say he exists
others say that he don't
there are those who believe
and others who won't

Believing or not
he goes by so many names
the problem it seems
is the meaningless claims

They all say that he's theirs
and respects no other religion
when the truth of the matter
this is just their opinion

Can mortal man
truly understand his creator
see if he created us all
he just wanted love, nothing greater

For all men to be brothers
each one part of the whole
as the rivers to the oceans
like all of the water, part of the flow

The names do not matter
what they give us is hope
to survive our life's trials
and help us to cope

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