Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not a story, not a poem ... just some thoughts to drive a point home

Those who are in the position of leadership but show little respect to those they are responsible for, receive little to no respect in return. Their leadership is rendered ineffective and the task at hand suffers. This type of leader has become less important than those they have been tasked to lead.

The point is, all people must receive the same level of respect concerning the importance of their portion and position in achieving the goal for the whole to be successful and survive. Every level of the job is equally important.

One supervisor stayed in a rotten mood
the other stayed respectful and pleasant.

The one barked his orders abusing his team
the other requested and worked alongside his.

The one team felt abused
the other felt respected.

The one team had no pride in their work
the other believed that their was no challenge they could not meet.

The one team barely managed to get the job done, late
the other put out their product with time to spare.

It might not hurt for the CEO
to show a little respect to the janitor.

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