Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Don't Run From Your Purpose

Our purpose, our place
We often do ponder
Are these the reasons
That folks seem to wander

Not feeling quite right
That they've not done enough
Never feeling at home
While life seems too tough

How many don't care
About what they're meant to do
How many have hidden
From their purpose, withdrew

Refusing to admit
They may be another mans savior
Saying “no not I”
“I'll not be this days flavor”

There are those who do search
For what they're meant to do
Ever hoping their purpose
Will be revealed in plain view

Knowing we're here
To help others along
To give them new hope
Renewing their song

Lifting them up
When they've been knocked down
Helping them smile
Removing their frown

Friends and family
Those on the street
Having compassion
For all that we meet

Be someones angel
Do it now, don't delay
Without that moment of kindness
It could be their last day

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