Thursday, June 5, 2014

Madness, The Contagion

Madness would come
seldom with warning
He was like Hyde at night
then Jekyll the next morning

A monster he was
a reminder of the past
the killings went on
how long would this last

No-one felt safe
living in constant dread
it was as if the Ripper
had returned from the dead

The entire city
crippled with fear
praying their creator
this man would never draw near

But for days and months
his rampage went on
the fear grew to paranoia
that's what it did spawn

Folks thought that they saw him
where ever they went
going mad in their panic
bullets were spent

Daily the streets filled
with dead neighbors and friends
paranoia and panic
became the tool to these ends

Yes it started with one
and his madness spread far and wide
and the killings went on
even after he died

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