Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lazy Man

The lazy man seeks not his own way
He finds it easier to follow the crowd

Every day
I go their way
Never following
A path of my own

The lazy man cannot make real decisions
He refuses to weigh all, no any of the facts

Could I really decide
no I'd much rather hide
you see if mistaken
I could trip o'er the stone

The lazy man has no personal wisdom
He finds it easier to let others think for him

Sorry I'm not really knowin'
Just where I'm a goin'
But see my buddy
He's pretty much been right so far

The lazy man cannot justify his beliefs
He's found it easier to allow others to tell him what they are

Don't be askin' me why
I've just always followed that guy
I don't need to explain
Ask him over there in that car

The lazy man is empty
He finds no lasting joy in his selfishness

Am I happy you ask
Hell that's quite a big task
It ain't your business
Why don't you shaddup

The lazy man knows not who he is
He's been afraid to live a life of his own

Who am I, now that's rich
Just some dumb sonavabitch
Whoa, wait a second
Maybe it's time to wake up

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