Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time Wasted

This write is a lesson
intended for me
a reminder of sorts
of the way I should be

No target intended
it's not about you
unless that you find
this is something you do

My time being wasted
I return to spend more
with this one little wish
to even the score

To force you
into wasting your time
in a childish argument
by crossing the line

One with no last word
no truce to be found
repeating the same comments
till they're run into the ground

We move on to insulting
and give it our best
when the revenge of choice
should have been to give it a rest

I should be spending my time
going on with my life
than to fill every moment
riddled with strife

This not about you
it's all about me
not looking for payback
it's the way I should be

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