Monday, March 2, 2015

My Own Little Private World

music playing

the peace within is extraordinary

alone in a crowded waiting room
isolated as I enter my own little private world

people are in too much of a rush today
way too much
slowing down brings so much joy
lets my mind wander

I sit
and travel
to places that have to be recorded in some way

but how do I paint all that I see
I haven't the words to describe
the places that have been shrouded
by a veil created through
today's rat race

there has always been a mist
blocking me from seeing reality
or was I just hoping that reality
was something else altogether

if I'm not given the words
how can I share these wonders
my inner most self has been attacked
by my own lack of belief in myself

my peace has become threatened
I feel the crowd
it seems as they are closing in around me

they demand that which I cannot deliver

how is it that I must continue to sit and wait
even the music has abandoned me

why must I be required to return
from my own little private world

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