Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To Love

To love
is not small
in fact
it's giving your all

Dying to self
when another has need
that's how it is seen
through that very deed

Oh yes, it can hurt
at times mortal pain
and sometimes frustration
can drive you insane

Yet you continue to give
and you'd have it no other way
not just for the moment
but until your dying day

Yes, this is true love
it's not infatuation
yet it's so seldom found
outside of imagination

If you've got it you're lucky
one of the few
and the blessings you have
are as droplets of dew

The dew is so fresh
these droplets so many, so fine
are a picture of love
brought forth from a mine

A mine that's been emptied
producing a treasure to give
to one truly special
for as long as they live

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