Thursday, March 26, 2015


Our youth
the pressures they face
children fighting
for acceptance

fitting in with their peers
they strive for
it's a shame
so many have died for

where have we gone wrong
did we sing the wrong song
the lessons we taught
seem to have gone for naught

are we actually failures as parents

is it really our fault
have we pushed them away
what can we do
to help them today

turn this tide
so they've no need to hide
the feelings they harbor
so deep down inside

the hurt that drives them
beyond our hearts reach
unto the point
where their spirit's been breached

how can we help them
bring them back home
help them to feel
they're not so totally alone

get them to realize
that they're loved beyond measure
and here in our hearts
they are the greatest .of all treasure

I ask you
are there answers to this
if not we must find them
yes, that is truly my wish

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