Monday, August 31, 2015

I Guess I Should Be Thankful

I had met an intellectual
he said I was wrong
but he never really wondered
the reason I had for my song

He went about finding my faults
it seems that's what intellectuals do
and I suppose the reason
is to prove they're so much better than you

Well he was so insecure
with all the crap that he knew
he began to nit-pic
and the list of course grew

I said go ahead speak your peace
point out all of my gaffes
make a fool of yourself
while my friends and I laugh

He then moved away
his tail was tucked under
but I'm sure he'll be back
to point out my blunders

So thankful I am
for all the help that they give
for with a good hearty laugh
is the best way one should live

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