Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trust Me, it Works

Alone in this crowded room
really not a bad thing today
the music in my ears
so lovely, so melodious
it begs me to remain secluded
right here, with it being my hold on sanity
away from a world that holds so little of the same

Not a care

Not a worry

How wonderful it can be
yes, to leave reality behind
even if it's just for moment or two
deep within a stress free groove

Yeah, I said groove

No, the groove still exists
and really
we need to spend more time there

How peaceful life can seem
the escape, it's so fulfilling, so satisfying

True happiness
a real inner joy can be found here so easily

Ain't music great!
I want to shout


It's good medicine for the soul
and truly lifts your spirit

You might even end up suggesting it to another as well

Find your groove and pass on the peace my friend
hopefully it can catch on

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