Friday, August 28, 2015

It's a Sad Life for those Who are Perfect

How sad
knowing so many words
yet when they're put together
the man with no heart
has no understanding of them

I've noticed from time to time
people who pride themselves
on their great level of education
who have never learned to read for understanding
they prefer to nit-pic their way through life
finding fault in just about everything
that surrounds them
no matter what it is
if the structure
is other than what they think it ought to be
life itself
as we know it
must be reset
returned to start
and the rest of us will begin to receive
a reeducation


he misses out on so much of life
the dance of his spirit
to the song in his heart

without heart
there is no song
no dance
and no joy

life passes him by

how can the learned
carry so much ignorance
how can they not see
their own failings

these folks must needs
cast the beam out of their own eyes
before …...........

well you know the rest of the story

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