Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Lifelong Childhood

Somebody once said
“You only have one childhood,
make it last a lifetime”

Responsibility truly has its place
but is it necessary to never have fun
we let life get too damn serious
seems as we're always on the run

Have we forgot how to play
is that what we've done
made life nothing but toil
how dull Jack has become

For a moment think back
to when you were a boy
playin' ball with the guys
how it brought you great joy
you girls had your hop-scotch
and skipping of rope
do you remember that feeling
that joy brought us hope

Life then was grand
yes, oh so good
during those wonderful days
of our childhood

We could find that hope once again
if for an hour each day
we'd turn away from the rat race
and take time out to play

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