Monday, August 4, 2014

Sure Could Use A Little Good News

The news of today
has taken its toll
of so many men
who had thought themselves whole

Their spirits have waned
and that is no way to live
yet we continue to be
so self destructive

Torn down
ripped apart
inundated with filth
this world does impart

Living as shadows
of who they once were
while the death tolls rise
and politicians keep score

Not only the wars
but famine as well
as many a people
are already in Hell

The murders and rapes
adding up every day
no longer safe for children
to just go out and play

Where the hell are we headed
is there no way to fall back
to those days filled with love
it seems its that which we lack

It's time to take a step back
away from this madness
and hopefully put to an end
these days filled with sadness

Return to those days
when people respected each other
and once again treat folks
as if all were their brother

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