Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't Look Back

How could he go on
life was too much
the days of his past
had left a cruel touch

It was never that others
had been abusive
it was what he had done
he could not forgive

When he was young
he'd not answered the call
folks were left wanting
now he felt guilty and small

As he looked back
his pain became great
he was stopped in his tracks
that feeling “TOO LATE”

Guilt had taken him down
depression set in
he'd played the game of life
he just couldn't win

Was it time to give up
cash in his chips
then the strangest thing happened
words came from his lips

Quit looking back
or you'll never move on
life still has purpose
don't sit here withdrawn

Cast your eyes forward
move on, up ahead
there's another who needs you
your life is their bread

Looking back only delays
all the good you can do
stop regretting your past
before it kills you

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