Friday, August 22, 2014

Can Anyone Love A Michigan Winter

Michigan fairs well
as it always will
though the cold days of winter
can be a bitter pill

Yet they come with rewards
and these can be so divine
down the hall to the kitchen
a fresh cobbler, all mine

The warmth from the oven
the smells baking brings
often in winter
are my favorite things

Fresh bread and muffins
the cobbler mentioned above
cup cakes and pies
with scents that say love

Then on the tongue
all these flavors explode
and you find winter's brought
the great mother lode

There's the stews and soups
the chili, the roast
the great feasts created
of which you must boast

You see those cold days of winter
they're not really so bad
when you take to the kitchen
for more of what you just had

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