Friday, August 29, 2014

The People

The needs of the people
why are they not met
where is the compassion
of the government
for its citizens

The future of our nation
is in their hands
yet they allow the nation
to grow weak
through its homelessness and its hunger

To me it's a crime
that the only dime
that they're willing to spend
will find its end
in the pockets of the wealthy
this is not healthy
for once the spending class dies
because of political lies
our nation will crumble
to the third world we'll tumble

All for a people so weak
with an outlook so bleak
our homelessness growing
the government should have been knowing
corporations aren't people
the politicians are the sheeple
only the rich do they care for
it's their greed that they feed more
ignoring the folks
they've been sworn to represent

Let them live in a tent

Money spent on defense
is one of these lies
but again to the contractors
is where they have ties
this is a great failing
of our American congress
but how can you blame them
as war is big business
padding their pockets
feeding their greed
while all the while
ignoring the need

Of the People

The needs of the people
should have come first
yet these folks who are in power
satisfy their own thirst

On the backs

Of the People

When will they learn
will it become far too late
can they turn this around
or have they finally sealed the fate

Of the People

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