Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five Rounds With My Son

Five days of golf
how the needle can change
could it have been
we never visit the range

My son came out strong
he took the first two
we tied on the third
then he won the fourth too

But on the fifth he was owned
as the old man came alive
with an old hickory putter
his game did arrive

Yes my son had been awed
by some shots I had made
out of the rough, over trees
with the slightest of fades

But once the putts started droppin'
for this old man with one eye
all that was left for my son
was to break down and cry

MERCY please dad
you don't have to spank me this hard
it's this 3 wood that's failed me
“don't count that” on the card

Well my son won the overall
the victory was his to claim
but on that fifth day he learned
his old dad still has game

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