Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How I Wish I had the Answer to the Question "HOW?"

We all have a purpose
that should be practiced in boldness
on this journey we know as our life

Individuals all
with our own given call
to relieve another from strife

In many ways we're all equals
and can often be sequels
continuing the work of another

As they've made a great start
it's been a work from their heart
now it's our turn to lift up a brother

Our hearts will be gifted
as from gutters they're lifted
even if all that can be offered is hope

If for a moment they're able
to see life as stable
it's the one thing that might help them to cope

You see there once was a day
they were working class people
who could afford to live
incomes never this feeble
but the way things have changed
they can't supply for their need
that's been caused by a sickness
known as corporate greed

This life in the gutter
is no way to live
it's the spirit of man
leaking out through a sieve
an end
must be found
if from the street
they're to vanish
it's the cause
we must banish

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