Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Story Never Heard

So often passed by
as if they weren't there
by people too busy
that haven't a care

People with thoughts
homelessness is a choice
and that the bum on the corner
should not have a voice

After all they're just druggies
at least that's what they think
and they smell to high heaven
no, it's the heartless who stink

You see there's no way of tellin'
why someone is homeless
but more often than not
their situation is hopeless
when no-one is willing
to give a hand up
and pretend they're not people
these folks need to backup
take the time for to listen
to a story or two
see the world for a moment
as those homeless folks do
the moms with their children
a whole lot of vets
how the hell in this country
do they fall through the nets

Why don't they care
why can't they see
why won't they hear
the homeless and their plea

Are they afraid they'll get dirty
afraid it'll rub off
how I wish that this ignorance
would be soon to die-off

But the voice of the homeless
so seldom it's heard
there's a few who will listen
and their vision's not blurred

They see the homeless as people
just like you and me
with all the same needs
right down to a tee

They stop and they listen
they take time to provide
they know it's their mission
and they don't run and hide

These are the heroes
as they go out of their way
giving all from the heart
as they go about their day

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