Friday, July 24, 2015

Giving Up is Not an Option or This One's For Me

I tried to read
my eyes so tired
the words
not much more than a blur on a sea of white

(did you know that having only one eye
you often cannot see past the floaters)

Occasionally they would clear but the story was all but lost

Do I back up and try again
or just quit
put the book down
give up
move on to mindless entertainment

The imagination is so far more desirable

The pictures the mind can paint
the completeness of the intent of the writer
the book so superior to the movie

(how often the transition of the story is missed
movies seldom do books proper justice)

How I yearn to be able to once again
sit and read for hours on end
allowing the art of the author to take me on a trip
trips that I have missed since that loss

The words have been shared
“never give up”
shouldn't they be remembered in all matters of our lives

I think maybe that it's time to go back and try again

I think, maybe I wrote this for me

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