Friday, July 3, 2015

The N-word (if you are offended by it, please read something else)

Nigger's a word
that can be used as a sword
and once the pots stirred
our vision is blurred

They say it's so filthy it should never be said
and when it comes out folks go out of their head
said in hate by a white man he could end up dead
but if never discussed we'll not move ahead

Hiding it only gives it more power
a strength that keeps growing with each passing hour
but today our society shrinks back and cowers
with a political correctness that they view as a flower

Hid behind its first letter an N
some cannot even write it not even in pen
but the insult of nigger will ne'er see an end
if it's never discussed by mature adult men

See the racist gets taught when he's really small
by childish men who think they stand tall
harboring prejudice and hate that is always on call
and they practice that bigotry without ever a stall

When will we grow up
will we ever learn
if we keep hiding the issue
we will inevitably burn

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Anonymous said...

good honest poem

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