Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's All About Lust

Money, power
I gotta get some
if I ain't got the two
I just ain't the one

Week as a kitten
without any claws
what could I ever do
with two useless paws

Just give me the money
I'll buy me that power
I'll hit the ground running
and it won't take an hour

Don't get in my way
as I go on this run
I promise you now
you won't find it fun

I want what I want
I'll do whatever it takes
if it means burying you
it'll take less than two shakes

My lust is for power
you cannot deny me
how can you say that I'm evil
I'll have it, you'll see

The man used to care
his humanity meant all
but his lust for that power
had brought his great fall

There's more to life than power
success is not about money
those statements may seem strange
don't laugh, it ain't funny

Too much money and power
corrupt simple men
erasing their kindness
that they had back then

Often making them monsters
losing sight of who they were
and their pasts, they became
not much more than a blur

No love left in their heart
their humanity lost
not a show of any kindness
lust for power has a cost

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