Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Eagle and His Dinner

Soaring high above the earth the eagle spotted it's dinner.
The rabbit, earthbound was minding to his own dinner
munching on grasses and leaves.
He was unaware of the danger that was far above him

The sharp eye of the eagle,
the silence of his lofty soar
gave the great bird an awesome advantage.
The great hunter dove toward the ground,
talons open,
ready to grasp onto his prey
and in an instant the rabbit was his.

The strong wings carried the eagle and his dinner high into the air.
Far from his nest, seeking the solace of his home to enjoy dinner
he climbed ever higher.
Spreading his wings to ride the thermals he lost altitude.
Again using his strong wings he ascended to the height needed
and again he found himself dropping back toward the ground.

This rabbit that he held onto in his talons
he found to be too much for him to hold onto and soar as he had hoped to.
He found himself struggling to fly.
The great bird began to wonder why he had chosen a meal so large.
The baggage of this rabbit had changed his life.
It was not for the good.

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