Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Visit

He came
we said our hellos
and the hugs
they were real

Then we talked over a homemade pizza
the crust could have been thinner
the tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil from the garden
they made up for it that crust

Catching up over lunch
just being together again
it's was a wonderful way to pass the moments we had

Seventeen years is a long time
he was so much younger then
no longer the same little fellow we knew
of course Gramma and I
well, we might have changed a little in his eyes as well

It became time to rummage through so many old items
left overs that we had saved from the past
his past

We all have a past
his was a little tougher than most
mom and dad both taken from him
the one in her death
the other imprisoned

He was only five at the time

He never had a chance
this past was thrust upon him
much too early in his life
actual memories may have been few
but the few that made their way to the present
brought with them emotional moments

When he left
he took with him the things that meant the most to him
much too soon for my liking
but I was his age once, I guess I understand

It's hard to part again so quickly
there were so many lost years
but there will be another time
our hearts will forever beat as one
and the hugs will always be real

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