Sunday, July 5, 2015


It's hidden
what must it be
they don't want me to see
beneath those sheets of bigotry

Eyes that hold flames of hatred
faces twisted in bitterness
hearts that thrive on darkness
why do they worry concerning their faces being seen
if what they do they believe to be right and pure
why are they not proud enough to be known

As a child
there were things my parents said
you cannot do that
so I did “that”
whatever it was that was forbidden
became the target of my curiosity
the most powerful motivators a young one could have
is to forbid something from them

As a child I hid those things
(just as my children did and and all will)
that I did not want my parents to know about
concerning whatever it was I was up to
that I knew they wouldn't approve of

They were forbidden
thus hidden

Today we hide
words of belligerence and of a demeaning nature
flags that inspire the hatred of the past
faces of the bigotry of the so called better than thou crowd
and the truth
of what they do to harm our world

Hidden to deny they exist

These things forbidden
grow in power
taunting us to be part of them
causing more hatred to grow
directed at individuals
who have never caused us any harm

To hide that which is evil
will only cause the evil to grow

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