Sunday, July 26, 2015

How Wonderful The Self Hug Can Be

Arms crossed
hands nestled just below the armpits
so comforting
my eyes close
shutting out the world around me
I rest safe and secure within this self hug
this escape from a world filled with unrest
at least for these few moments

From here I can watch the gentle surf
the waves send the sea up along the beach
the it recedes washing the place where the sea meets the coast

Sometimes I am privileged to the company of the birds
they sing the tales of nature
and I am actually able to understand the lyrics

They call it a babbling brook
I hear the stories of the lands they have passed through
of the people that have sat on its bank
the brook seems to tell me of their conversations
conversations of peace, brotherhood and love for their fellow men

What a wonderful time this can be
sitting back
arms folded across my chest
hands nestled just below my armpits
within this self hug
in the silence of my temporary solitude
watching and listening
to all that should be

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