Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Movie Screen of Memories

Within the confines of the eyelids
the entire cast of life is present
the show that has gone on for these 66 years
that's the show I have the privilege to watch

Privilege might seem a strange word to be used
there were
just as in any other life
the bad times
these were the times I learned the hard way
these were the lessons that had to be remembered
they're the ones that have brought me safely to where I am

You wonder about the good times
those memories are being played on the screen as well
they're the times that gave me a break from learning
everyone needs a break from time to time from the hard lessons

A person will never build the strength without the hard times
to survive in the real world you gotta understand real
and real doesn't come from playing and pretending

Ultimately, it takes all of ones life to make a person who they are
the bad times will always come along with the good
it's the balance of them that makes the difference

The good times
the play
the pretending
can build a body
the outside of a person
and make us physically able

But it is those hard lessons
the bad times as many see them
that builds the inside
the heart and mind
the intestinal fortitude if you wish
that teaches a person how to survive

Children will often play with fire
they are usually told of the danger
an easy lesson has been presented
but the danger never seems to be real
until they are burned by the flame

To learn the hard lessons of life is not often fun
but it is those lessons that protect us from future pain

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