Saturday, July 25, 2015

Witnessing the End

The sun rises
it also sets sets
each day passes
with growing threats

A world at war
no peace is found
the people suffer
hope is drowned

The sound of weapons
no sleep at night
rockets and missiles
increase the fright

But this violence is not found
on the battlefield alone
we have these senseless killings
right here at home

Will we see tomorrow
or be dead by dawn
and you ask why
so faces are drawn

This present day violence
should make us mad
but my lack of hope for mankind
is what makes me sad

Can man ever change
can he curb his hate
or have we gone too far
and it's now too late

How many more sun rises
will we see it set one more time
will there be more days to pass
or has man reached the end of his line

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